Enter Savings Agreement

We enter a shared savings agreement that ensures unless we find you savings, there is no cost to the audit.


Gather Information

You send us one month of bills for each utility, starting with electric and gas, as well as your company information and a release of information form. We then work with your utility provider to access your past bills.


Review Expenses

The audit starts with a focus on electric and gas utilities, which are the largest cost drivers, then moves on to sewer, water, telecommunications, and propane or heating oil.
We audit your bills for issues like double payments, overfilling, tax issues, meter size, usage, rate suitability, and ensure that the utilities you're being charged for are actually yours.


Enjoy the Savings, or Your Audit's Free

This in-depth assessment generally finds savings between 4% and 8%. If we don't find savings, we give your team a pat on the back for doing everything right, and the audit is free!