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Many states allow recoupment of overcharges reaching back 3 or 4 years. Our program guarantees savings, or the audit is free. All retroactive credit or refunds and ongoing cost savings go directly to the facility. Cleary Energy fees are based on actual savings, refunds, and credits. Having developed proprietary software to audit utility bills, Cleary Energy has recouped utility dollars for many of the largest multi-facility companies, independent owner operators, and not-for-profits. This has allowed our clients to put those dollars back into quality patient care.

Type of Audits

Utility Audit

One of the largest cost savings in utility expenses is ensuring your company is not being over-charged for usage. Cleary Energy has extensive knowledge of the tariffs, fees, and rate structure that comprise your bill.

Telecom Audit

Telecommunications and network services are one of the largest operating expenses for companies. Most organizations now spend $150-$350 per employee per month on communications services. Few companies track their communications expense with the diligence they apply to other expenses.

What We Do

Cleary Energy performs Utility Bill Audits for AHCA/NCAL members. We examine utility, supplier and government charges on utility bills to obtain refunds and/or credits and rate reduction.

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About Our Founder

Dennis Cleary, RN, LNHA, Principal of Cleary Energy, has a forty-year history in the Long-Term Care industry, the past seven years specializing in energy consulting for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities. With an understanding of Long-Term Care Operations, and provider's financial challenges, Cleary Energy seeks to find the greatest cost savings on utilities and suppliers.