State Affiliates Can Partner with Cleary Energy

Sean Cleary • 18 March 2022

A large number of Long-Term Care Facilities are unaware they are being overcharged for one or more of their utilities. Cleary Energy specializes in eliminating overages and often recouping overpayments. On average, Cleary Energy has saved facilities 4% - 8% of their utility costs.

Why does that matter to an AHCA/NCAL State Executive Director?

Cleary Energy partners with State Affiliates to work with your members to save them money. A part of those savings will help boost non-dues revenue for our partners. As an AHCA/NCAL preferred partner, Cleary Energy helps drive non-dues revenue to its State Affiliates.

Cleary Energy audits electric, natural gas, propane, heating oil, water and sewer, diesel fuel, and telecommunications. Most multi-state clients start with one state being audited and come back to have the remaining states audited when they see their savings and recouped overages.

The founder of Cleary Energy has 40 years of experience in the Long-Term Care industry and has spent the last 10 specializing in finding energy cost savings for Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Senior Living Centers.

Cleary Energy knows that every dollar it can save a facility in utility costs allows those dollars to be spent on quality patient care. 

Reach out today to work with Cleary Energy to deliver for your members, and make sure to check out Executive Director Matthew Barret of the Connecticut Affiliate explaining what Cleary Energy has done for his members!